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Your Difference,

will make The Difference.

Our mission is to help Leaders in their professional Growth.

Thanks to our unique approach based on Motivational Neurosciences

we are helping Manager & Directors to discover new perspectives and input new ways

to manage their own emotions, develop their Leadership, empower their teams...

Throughout our 3 differents IDEASPHERE services,

we are devoted & committed to create results beyond expectations.

Pauline & Erwan

Our only limitations are the ones

we set up in our own minds.

Together, we grow better...

This is a program of empowering workshops. Mainly designed for Directors and Managers. With this program we are going through specific topics such as Stress Management, Leadership, the Art of Communication, Optimal Energy, Emotional & Collective intelligence based on Motivational Neurosciences (between 5 to 50 people).

Your progress is our priority.

1 to 1 Online Coaching Program.

3 months personalised coaching & follow up to bring your professional growth to the next level. 2 differents Options

Premium Achiever & Supreme Achiever, perfectly crafted according to your situation and objective.

Give up the Good for the Great!

ELITE MasterMind is our very unique 5 days Immersion.

A memorable experience in a Secret inspiring place*.

This intensive Mastermind is reserved to only 8 devoted clients carefully

selected by us. It is the greatest opportunity to input change more rapidly

and therefore accelerate your professional & personal growth.

(on application only, including a personalised pre-test Challenge).

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