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In which mind are you the most ?

In fact did you know that we are traveling in all 3... ? sometimes we talk about people, sometimes we talk about events and sometimes we talk about ideas. One will inspire you, make you dream and take actions for your life. One won’t really have any effect of impact in your life. And one will drain down your energy, and create some unfulfilling emotions for you and others. So If you get stuck with a small mind this is where you are wasting the most of your time and energy. when you spend your time criticising, judging complaining or comparing each one another you are simply cutting down your capacity to think bigger than a situation that doesn’t serve anybody not even you. Quit it ! and surround yourself with people that stimulate the best within you, people who encourage you to develop great ideas, make you feel good, shake up your potential and invite you to grow.

That is the main point to either liberate the Genius within you or tarnishing your potential. Your Difference, will make The Difference.

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