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What is preventing you from your Greatest Achievement


Our mission is to help you lift up your professional & personal life quicker than if you were alone.

Our unique approach is designed to make you see a different perspective of your situation

and transform your challenges into real opportunities of personal & professional growth.

Throughout our 3 differents IDEASPHERE services, we commit to make sure you gain

in Clarity & develop a personalised strategy that gives you concret results.


Pauline & Erwan

Your Difference,

will make The Difference.


Your progress is our priority.

IDS Coaching is our exclusive 1 to 1 coaching program.

3 months personalised coaching to bring your professional

& personal life to the next level. 2 Differents Options

Premium Achiever & Supreme Achiever, perfectly crafted according to your situation and objective.

Together, we grow better...

This is a program of empowering workshops. Mainly designed for entrepreneurs & corporate. With this program we are going through specific topics such as Stress Management, Leadership, the Art of Communication, Optimal Energy, Emotional & Collective intelligence based on Motivational Neurosciences (between 5 to 50 people).


Give up the Good for the Great!

ELITE MasterMind is our very unique 5 days Immersion.

A memorable experience in a Secret inspiring place*.

This intensive Mastermind is reserved to only 8 devoted clients carefully

selected by us. It is the greatest opportunity to input change more rapidly

and therefore accelerate your professional & personal growth.

(on application only, including a personalised pre-test Challenge).



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